Men Bun? High Bun? Hot Bun…

The unisex hair style that's got all the men looking hot.... We tried our version inspired by the boys! The top knot for girls... Hell yeah!!  And it looks incredibly hot and super chic We split the hair in a half pony, combed it clean and rolled it on top with a  donut bun  stuffing. … Continue reading Men Bun? High Bun? Hot Bun…

Bringing Sexy Back….

How to Feel Comfortable in Tricky Outfits... White is a super elegant color, perfect for summer days and beach days. Event dressing in Ivory can look absolutely gorgeous. However it can get tricky with what to wear as foundation garment to keep feeling fresh and comfy. Well the featured white low back dress is in … Continue reading Bringing Sexy Back….

Day Time Dresses

Brunch, Lunch or Day Dress Done Right Have you ever had those moments, where you need to dress up for a day time event but you can't be too dressed up and you can't be too casual. Hmmm... you know the tricky moments when you feel like you rather not go as it sounds too … Continue reading Day Time Dresses

Pretty Pastel Princess

Ways to Look Uber Feminine in Pastel Tones Continuing from our previous post on princess gowns, we felt it be an ideal transition to talk about a feminine look this time. Well most of us girls grew up watching fairy tales and reading beautiful stories about fantasy and romance. But now the real question, how … Continue reading Pretty Pastel Princess

3 Ways to Draw Fashion Inspiration from Holi

Celebrate the Festival of Colour… the Fashionista way!

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

How to Dress for a Work Event Get into the Work Groove Modishly Tuck it in. Loosen it out. Whatever's on your mind, let's make it official that March is your month,Lady and you are to rule with your style. Pay special attention to a Monday. Treat Tuesday with care and make each day of the week … Continue reading Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Short is the new Sweet

When romance is in the air, how can the romantic conformist in you lie low? Woooo hooo! It’s that time of the year again gals, when you can’t let one day, a single moment slip out of your wardrobe. Fabulous February The shortest month of the year, also is the second in the dozen. This … Continue reading Short is the new Sweet