Mayor of Meatpacking

New York

If you have ever visited or planning a visit or simply live in the hood, then I’m certain you’ve heard of the vibrant neighborhood on the west side of New York City. It’s a thriving neighborhood of creativity and glamour. 

The place is dotted with fashion, famed bars, restaurants famous for steaks and brunches, cool clubs, the highline, girls in high heels struggling to walk on stone streets and the Whitney museum. Once upon a time, this neighborhood used to be home to butchers and meat packers, hence the name. Today it’s an amazing place for people watching or grabbing a bite while feeling ooh so cool! 

I was walking in the neighborhood right in time for first day of. Nee York Fashion week and the place was bustling with fun fashion, models and everyone dressed in their statement pieces. Ckearly making a statement that they totally belong to the world’s best fashion capital. 

Well, on such a wonderful day when the weather is perfect on a Friday evening and everyone is enjoying the happy hour, I happened to spot someone looking extremely chic. Our eyes locked and then he said, “Okay, okay, alright fine! You can take my picture.”

And I’m like ” Ahem… what??” Kinda look.  I didn’t even ask him if I could shoot him. I guess I just looked hungry for some street style 😉

He continued ” Go on, get your phone out, take my picture.”

I had to ask, ” But why?”

He went on “Don’t you know, who I am?”

Pardon my ignorance, I’m not quite good with remembering people or celebrities. If I see a celeb, I often think it’s a long lost friend, who I’ve seen somewhere but can’t really place where or who?? 

Turns out he’s quite a fashionista, and on this beautiful evening, he sits regal  on the steps of Fort Gansevoort. 

I loved his style and his attitude and loved the images and the talk.

We continued our conversation, we spoke about fashion industry and stores in the neighborhood.
If you pass by the meatpacking district in New York, keep a look out for this amazing personality. He’s super friendly and ultra cool. 

He’s an actor by the name of Roberto Monticello, I took a picture of his business card too. Feel free to reach the ‘Mayor of Meatpacking !’

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