Summer Florals Part II

We did our previous post on super cute summer floral dress in pastel lemon , so this weekend we decided to spice things up and do a red hot number.

The thing about summer is that even pastels look good and even vibrants look good.

We would avoid dark tones like deep maroons, emeralds or dark browns for summer, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Certainly fashionistas put exceptions to all fashion rules.

However globally fall calls for deeper tones as darker tones can retain heat better while lighter and brighter colors reflect heat out. Since we are still in peak of summer in certain parts of the world and monsoons in India. Red is a perfect color to brighten a gloomy cloudy day and perfect to shine bright on a hot sunny day.


Grab your favorite cuppa joe whether it’s a hazelnut cappuccino or an iced frappe, red florals can swing both ways. It’s such a strong color yet so versatile. It goes from day to night in 60 seconds 😉

No wonder even fast car fanatics love the color red.

Think red ferrari…..hmmm


Well, enough about the color, let’s talk about how cute this dress is.

it’s got the perfect cold shoulders (you know the shoulder cut-outs have a name of their own)

It’s got ruffles and again it’s a wrap!!


You know how we love the ultra feminine styles. Here we found just that.

It’s a perfect elegant yet fun dress.





Models: Angelina Korotckova

Stylist & Photographer: Shilpa Bhatia

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