Silver Sparkle on a Body Suit

How about a edgy yet elegant style…

Today we styled a super high fashion dress, yes this is a dress.

It’s a beautiful bodysuit that has a skirt stitched on the waist seam making it a beautiful bodysuit dress. The skirt is sheer with silver sparkle pattern.

The top portion is two long pieces of fabric that can be draped in multiple ways.


Sheer Pencil Skirt is so elegant yet so sexy. It’s the kind that covers everything yet gives a sneak peek.

The fit is amazing!! We tied the straps up like a halter and then got them back in the front crossing over the chest and tied it back at the tail bone.


Tied at the back and left the extra fabric to flutter away when the model walked.


The pattern on the skirt seems like a fine embroidery, though it’s not. It’s silver sparkle work with hint of see through tulle.

I believe the skirt has a zip in the back & it does not stretch.



Now wearing such a risqué dress can be challenging for few and you would wonder where to wear such a sexy dress. Well, we would certainly recommend this for a night out.

Do put some baby oil or moisturizer on yourself before wearing the dress, secret of top models when the skin has a certain highlight glow. When the shin bone catches light and gives you a healthy glow.

We would highly recommend such a piece when you want to make a style statement or attend a fashion event.

The Dress is available here 


We kept the makeup super simple and natural drawing all the attention to the 1000Watt dress. This dress is guaranteed to make heads turn. You just have to own it… Own the look with confidence, stand tall and walk with confidence. Do not slouch or keep fixing the dress, people can sense the unease of the person wearing it. Instead use a fashion tape and stick the dress on to your body securely and do the diva walk and people will admire you.


Models: Angelina Korotckova

Stylist & Photographer: Shilpa Bhatia

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