Wedding Bells & Belles … Part II

Here’s the scenario, your friend is getting married and

A) You don’t know what to wear

B) You feel awkward to go alone

But worry not, we are here to help you look the part and be the center of attention so that you can enjoy this beautiful wedding of your friend.

First tip is to find someone to go with, if single then your girlfriends are your best bet.

Ask a friend who can come along and enjoy the festivities. Since you both will be hanging around at the wedding, possibly dressed up with makeup on… hell yeah!!

Why not take some lovely pictures to make some pretty memories, you did make the effort to dress up and oh gosh, wear those darn heels.

And now that we are planning on posing together, why don’t we just co-ordinate our colors so that the pictures look amazing 🙂

I know some girls get all weird about wearing matching clothes but as a stylist I have to tell you, the matching clothes or the co-ordinating outfits do make a well composed picture.

Don’t believe me, just see for yourself.


Your girlfriend is there to help you fix your hair or your earrings so you continue looking like a million bucks.


It’s the same dress but different color. Don’t they make a lovely picture??


You never know, your friend could be turning heads too…


There will be plenty to laugh about.

Don’t forget the girly poses. Remember to flaunt your dress and your pearlies.




This is how we enter the party 😉


Wait! What?? We even have to match the accessories…….

Of course, you want those pretty memories, right??


Models: Geeta Gauri Shende & Loretta Khumlo

Stylist & Photograper: Shilpa Bhatia

Wardrobe : The Clothing Rental, Bandra. Mumbai 

Please call  or whatsapp on +91 9867344274 if you wish to get this look.

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