Men Bun? High Bun? Hot Bun…

The unisex hair style that’s got all the men looking hot….

We tried our version inspired by the boys! The top knot for girls… Hell yeah!! 

And it looks incredibly hot and super chic

We split the hair in a half pony, combed it clean and rolled it on top with a  donut bun  stuffing. You can find the stuffing at any Beauty store.


We dolled up our models in pretty pastel pink gowns… By now you must have realized we love pale pastel tones.

The model duo looked quite pleased and seemed to enjoy the fun hair do.

It’s so simple yet so chic…

Stay tuned when we show you a variant for traditional attire.

Meanwhile, gorge your eyes on these beauties…

Now would you don this hair do for your next fun night out??

Comment below on how you would rock this trend.


Models: Geeta Gauri Shende & Manisha Dangle

Stylist & Photograper: Shilpa Bhatia

Wardrobe : The Clothing Rental, Bandra. Mumbai 

Both these gowns can be rented at 3500/- rupees each.

Please call on +91 9867344274 if you wish to get this look.

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