Bringing Sexy Back….

How to Feel Comfortable in Tricky Outfits…

White is a super elegant color, perfect for summer days and beach days. Event dressing in Ivory can look absolutely gorgeous. However it can get tricky with what to wear as foundation garment to keep feeling fresh and comfy.

Well the featured white low back dress is in blended silk satin with a slight stretch and fully lined. Yet, the pale color and delicate silk can show through most of what’s not meant to show.

You have a few options on such an outfit, I would start with the front top of the dress, you can get fashion bandage tape to secure the front or adhesive backless bras that stick well on the sides and hold up well for hours.

This is a celebrity secret trick that leaves many wondering ” how she did it??”

One can find silicon gel adhesive bust pads that can add curve appeal while keeping you feeling secure. 

As for below the waist, since the gown has a low back, you would have to wear a skirt slip, barely there leggings, skin tight shorts or body shape wear that can hold the thighs and hip region taut. Giving a smooth appearance on the exterior.

We are huge fans of shape wear as they can do wonders to the overall appearance.

Shape wear isn’t limited only to over weight or plus sizes, even skinny girls and even some men swear by shape wear.

Nowadays, you can find them in stores like Marks & Spencer intimate section, La Senza or any credible lingerie store. They come mostly in skin or blacks, can be for torso, full body , legs, tummy or buttocks.

Depending on what the outfit and the occasion calls for.

Indian weather can be tricky for foundation garments, however often we attend events in air conditioned comforts, hence its good to decide if it’s a right fit for you. 


Pair the elegant style with similar color tone accessories like the structured ivory leather box clutch shown here. It’s elegance and style all mixed in. 














White Backless Gown available at The Clothing Rental Bandra Store

Model: Geeta Gauri Shende

Location: The Clothing Rental

Photography & Styling: Shilpa Bhatia

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