Pretty Pastel Princess

Ways to Look Uber Feminine in Pastel Tones

Continuing from our previous post on princess gowns, we felt it be an ideal transition to talk about a feminine look this time.

Well most of us girls grew up watching fairy tales and reading beautiful stories about fantasy and romance. But now the real question, how do we incorporate our innermost  desire of feeling like a princess in real life??


Dolling up and dressing the part always helps one feel like royalty. When we take care of our bodies and adorn it with beautiful silks and lace, the experience is ethereal. We blush, we sparkle, we radiate as people glance at us thinking silently how gorgeous is that beauty.


We all know that feeling when we attend a wedding, a brunch or a special event and the heads turn in our direction.

Dressing up is a big part of feeling good. Add a little bit of inner happiness and optimism and any dress can look like a million bucks.

Soft tones such as blushes, pale pinks and lilacs are certainly the girlie colors. Add some lace and you can be ooh so feminine!


Blow dry your hair and let the wind play with your natural waves, add a neutral gloss on the lips and you are ready to rule.


Now all we need is a Prince Charming on a white horse to sweep us off our feet or bring us the lost pair of the luxurious Ralph & Russo Fairy Tale Pumps… Hmmm… Now isn’t that a true fantasy??

Ralph & Russo Eden Pumps (Photo:


Nha Khanh Pink Gown available at The Clothing Rental, Bandra

Model: Queena Bhatia

Photographer & Stylist : Shilpa Bhatia





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