How to Look Hot, while Staying Cool

Tips on Summer Fashion & Trends

Temperature are soaring and you are feeling hot, hot, hot!! But how do you stay cool as a cucumber  and yet turn up the tempo.

Let us show you how you can dress the mini and come out looking elegant.

Who says short skirts are for Ho’s, C’mon girls! You’ve got the legs and show them some sun and soak up the vitamin D.

Did you know that Vitamin D is extremely vital for our health. Vitamin D keeps our bones strong , uplifts our mood and improves our immunity.


Pair that short skirt with an soft blouson top, something in pastels. Color on color works wonders. Pair it with neutrals. The skirt can have some sparkle and shine. And don’t worry girls, you can shine bright in daytime. Sequins and glitter is not just for night clubs.


Honestly, a pastel tone short skirt with a plain white button down or a soft crepe blouse can look extremely gorgeous.


These Shoes were Not Made for Walking

Pair it with neutral shoes, heels if you use Uber or have your private chauffeur and want to make an appearence. Else play it caz (causal vibe) by wearing some comfy tennis shoes. White sneakers are a big trend now! White sneakers and dresses are super chic!

Here, we had fun and tried some statement gladiator heels, well you don’t need to go all out unless that’s your style, a pair of elegant neutrals do just fine.


Carry a cross body or a neutral envelop pouchette

Mane Stories

As for the hair, depends on how your hair behaves. If the heat and humidity makes it frizz then you should play up the pony or a loose side braid with some frizz control serum.

If you are gifted godness of mane, then blow drying with soft curls is ideal.

Keep the makeup light and dewy. Fresh skin with neutral tones, hint of blush on cheeks. Glossy lips on neutral base. Don’t forget the concealer under the eyes. That does wonders to make you look awake and fresh. For summer days a nice light BB cream with SPF would give you added protection against the harsh sun rays.



Thanda Thanda Pani

Remember to stay hydrated while looking fab. Stock up on cool ice teas, lemonades, frappes or elachi thandi chai from Chaayos.

Oh the last bit, before I forget the most important accessory…. Yes wear that smile and show your pearlies while you pose for the perfect insta pic!


Bombay Stylist

Outfits :  The Clothing Rental Bandra Store

This outfit is only available in store.

(Call or Whatsapp +9198673-44274)

Model: Ashwini Neupane

Styled & Photography: Shilpa Bhatia

Text: Shilpa Bhatia

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