Business in the Front, Party in the Back

How to Dress for a Work Event

Get into the Work Groove Modishly

Tuck it in. Loosen it out. Whatever’s on your mind, let’s make it official that March is your month,Lady and you are to rule with your style. Pay special attention to a Monday. Treat Tuesday with care and make each day of the week a special day. Rent out a few of our favorite outfits to make your work week look happy and colourful.

Play with fashion and take style to work in your wok outfits by renting some originals from The Clothing Rental. Hold your breathe as we reveal one of our favorite outfit for you to take a look at!

Why hide behind piles of clothes everyday of the week and sticking to that one eternal question, ‘what to wear?’. When you can simply put on a fancy garb and walk in to your office dressed as the stylish goddess in our March special work wear.


Work is play!

Business on your mind, but with a soul set to party. This is certainly the right mix and makes for a happy being. Why surrender to the workload and make a grumpy appearance when you can cut away from the bore with a dress that means ‘business at the front and exudes a frolic atmosphere at the back!’ Yes a dress to make you work ready in an upfront way and swing you to fun with Party in the back sort of cuts and frills to accentuate your bare neck and shoulder.


Workdays are about scoring it right at every afternoon meeting, evening presentations, client luncheons and how to do that perfectly is only a game that hand few gets right. Let’s give you a peek into the work wardrobe that smart woman like you are bound to wear on to be your own boss.

Boss Lady

dsc06214Gone are those days when during the week you could just sit with your bathrobe on every morning and seek for a classy yet balanced attire to set you right on top for the day! Now you can rent elegance with a twist of formal balance right in your city.

Here’s a steal! A pretty yellow dress, to keep it cool and balanced for your work day! Let’s tell you a few secrets and as we spill the beans to looking good in this dashing yellow charmer, let’s warn you about the undue attention that you are bound to gather as you go along your day! So how to look elegant in a high neck, that keeps you feeling modest, yet has a beautiful drape and open back detail to flatter you trendily!

Pair this elegant fluid dress with some statement accessories like this pink stone necklace or Pop it up with the Fluorescent Pink Pouchette. Add a touch of pink to your nails and mind it! don’t go glossy, just switch to a matt nail paint and matt nude lipstick to raise the bar and let the sun scream STYLE for once, looking down at you!


Pretty Yellow

Just punch those statements and comments which says, yellow is a colour for the beach, yellow is too loud. Shave off the buzz and just turn yellow with this pretty short dress this summer.

Since you are out to work and have serious business to attend to, just tie up your hair in a bun. Back brush or side part to pull your hair back into a neat bun or a long pony. As for shoes, would you mind trying in the brown oxfords? If formal is not your thing, then tie on the straps of that beige heel and walk out in style for your workplace.


Beige, Brown, Suede are colours to go by if you want to lie low and only want to play with the yellow fantasy. Yet! Pink in a muted, matt tone is also just right for the playful chirpy sorts. There is a world outside that you are bound to rule and make your paradise when you confidently pull that stylish look in this pretty yellow dress.

Are you anxious to cover the bare back for the work day? Girls, don’t worry we’ll soon be revealing tips to bare you back to the world and still feel and look confident and secure. But as of now you can simply pull out a day jacket in muted tones and wear it to make a formal appearance for the work day!

But remember to pull out of your cover, as you decide to go out for a drink or a coffee post work. It’s a big deal to be able to zip in the dress that sets you both high on the formal radar and let’s you bring your hair down as you gulp in or sip into your poison in the evening!


Who said dressing for the occasion and when the occasion is your work day, a pain? Simply rent it out from The Clothing Rental. Call us on: +91 98673-44274 (Monday- Saturday 11am-7pm)

Dress: Zara available at The Clothing Rental Bandra Store

Pink Pouchette: Amazon India 

Model: Ashwini Neupane

Styled & Photography: Shilpa Bhatia

Text: Anurima Das


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