Short is the new Sweet

When romance is in the air, how can the romantic conformist in you lie low? Woooo hooo! It’s that time of the year again gals, when you can’t let one day, a single moment slip out of your wardrobe.

Fabulous February

The shortest month of the year, also is the second in the dozen. This young February truly deserves your special attention and that’s why we bring to you some short and pretty dress guide for this month.

Snap up the bad hair day with a slight drama and tie up your hair in a messy bun, you can go tight too if you are happy to be in control of everything. So when you have decided to make a ‘special’ of this day, just pull up the right sexy garb. And we have got you covered. This bling-it-sexy attire by House of CR is just the right hit for your romantic parades on February nights!

House of Cr Sequin Embellished Nude Bandage Dress

With sequins ruling your evening look, try going for a tinted makeup and dab in a matt pink lip colour to make a jaw dropping appearance at the evening do.

Sensuously Elegant

Sexy. Short. Chic. If that’s your mood for your date night, then it calls for an Mock Suede Safari Dress. The well fitted sexy short is an appealing attire. Complete with an eyelet bound lace up front, this dress is just the right choice, if you are looking to add a hint of mystery to the short and sweet February days!

Suede Safari Dress

Don’t follow any rule; just submerge yourself in the beauty of this bodycon dress. Smart and sexy is the code word, so let your hair down and keep your mane sassy and simple. Keep the mystery alive in your eyes by adding a smoky touch to them. Just before you put your best foot forward in those suede heels simply dab some pink hue on your cheeks and a spot of nude gloss on your lips.

Confident Shimmer

When you blush with confidence you put the world on pause. There is no right or left, no yes or no…there is only you. When you are counting days of a month that craves for your attention, by being the shortest among the dozen, you surely would to draw some attention to yourself. So listen up! Here’s how you can look your curvaceous best!

Bring out the seductress in you, flaunt the curves with style in Wow Couture ‘RISETTE’ Plunging Neck Bandage Dress. Say hello to perfection and fit yourself in this pettily sexy nude tone dress. A gorgeous ensemble surely deserves a gorgeous pair of heels. Choose from those brown or suede heel-y wonders and stand tall to the world.

WOW Couture Risette Dress

Turn it on woman, with a dash of bronze. Let’s call it the glitter touch and you can easily do that with a touch of bronze liner and eye shadow. But don’t forget to pull your eyelashes out and add some volume and black to them with a stroke of mascara. You are almost there, all you need is a matt nude lip colour hue on your lips just before your hail your cab for the night out!

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